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sparklepony 🦄

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You missed this pony, no more pony and glitter. This was a limited release. This fragrance is still available here as Fig + Brown sugar. 

This little pony 🦄 likes to shimmer and shine. One of a kind! A wonderful fragrance of fig and brown sugar housed in eco-friendly glitter. This is seriously a wonderful fragrance. In developing this product, we got uniformly positive and exciting feedback from our testers; we think you will love this one! 🤩

Holographic stickers on top and side. Check out the video to see it shimmer.

  • top notes : fig, orchid 
  • heart notes : brown sugar 
  • base notes : sandalwood, maple, vanilla

  • made from a 100 % natural soy wax for an eco-friendly clean burn.
  • uses a cotton braided wick, high-quality fragrance oils.
  • 100% phthalate-free, lead-free, petroleum-free.
  • hand-poured in northern california.

  • Some notes on the glitter:
    • a minimal amount is glued to the side of the jar, it is dried for 24 hours before the wax is poured
    • when you burn the candle, it remains on the walls of the jar
    • if a couple of specs come loose, they float in the melted wax
    • it is eco-glitter, and if it happens to hit the flame, it just burns away
    • we have done several burn tests and have found no issues with the glitter causing a hazard or smoke

    Fulfillment of orders will resume on 4/21

    PLEASE NOTE: We are on a small Easter break 🐰🐰

    sparklepony 🦄