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Nutcracker - 8.5oz Candle : Pick up at performance


NOTE: This product will not be shipped. I can be picked up at one of the performances on Dec 17, 18 or 19 at the Performing Arts Center, Napa Valley College, 2277 Napa Vallejo Hwy, Napa, CA. If you would like us to ship your set as soon as you order instead, please choose your selection by clicking here.

Fragrance options :

    Apple Peppercorn
    This is a tart, crisp fragrance with an intriguing balance between peppery, green, and fruity notes. This candle offers a unique aromatic experience as it opens with fresh, top notes of green leaves and green floral, then gives way to a heart of apple, pear, and peppercorn. Base notes of spice, light musk, and nutmeg lend an earthy depth without taking away from the fresh brightness of this unexpected fragrance. Fruit-forward fragrances can often come across as quite sweet and commercial, but Apple Peppercorn offers a different take on a fruity scent. Its crisp, peppery character is ideal for bringing a natural and botanical-focused whisper to any room.
    • top notes : green leaves, green floral
    • heart notes : apple, peppercorn, pear
    • base notes : spice, light musk, nutmeg
    Blue Spruce
    Have you ever hiked out into the winter woods to cut your own Christmas tree? Blue Spruce makes you feel like you just did! More complex than a traditional Douglas Fir, this fragrance has a bright, punchy character that genuinely captures the spirit of the holiday season.
    • top notes : eucalyptus, mint
    • heart notes : spruce, moss, evergreen
    • base notes : cedar, amber, cypress
    Absinthe Blue Currant

    Black currant absinthe is a captivating and sensual fragrance. It begins with light traces of apple and delicate saffron threads. Luscious black currants and blackberries are the core of this fragrance. Warm base notes of anise and amber surround you in this sophisticated cocktail of a scent. Patchouli and cedar wood essential oils enhance the intensity of the dark fruit in this rich fragrance.

    • top notes : saffron, apple, pear
    • heart notes : black currant, blackberry, vanilla
    • base notes : anise, patchouli, amber, bourbon

    Vanilla Dreams

    • top notes : tobacco leaf, vanilla
    • heart notes : vanilla
    • base notes : vanilla, ginger
      • Made from a 100 % natural soy wax for an eco-friendly clean burn.
      • Uses a cotton braided wick, high-quality fragrance oils.
      • 100% phthalate-free, lead-free, petroleum-free.
      • Hand-poured in Richmond, California.

      Nutcracker - 8.5oz Candle : Pick up at performance