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Fig Jam with Lemon & Vanilla


I’m asked if I have fig jam at every fair I attend, so it’s clearly popular and must be difficult to find.  I got around to making a small batch with the 4 lbs I froze from last fall’s harvest.  I combined the earthy sweetness of figs, the floral, citrus tang of our Meyer lemons and the warmth of vanilla beans to make a jam that’s perfect for your next cheese board. There’s a limited supply so snap some up before it’s gone. 

Ingredients: figs, sugar, dried meyer lemon zest, lemon juice, vanilla beans 

How to use:

-Make a goat cheese, fig jam and arugula grilled cheese sandwich

-Mix with softened cream cheese and use it as a filling for crepes

-Make these fig bars!

-Use it to make a balsamic based vinaigrette

-Make crostini appetizers with fig jam, prosciutto, gruyere cheese & a drizzle of  balsamic glaze

Fig Jam with Lemon & Vanilla