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fragrance guide

All our scents are listed in the table below and are grouped into the following families : floral, fruit, green, exotic, wood & smoke, gourmand, and xmas

This is the initial impression when you first smell a candle or remove the lid. it is the most volatile, meaning it will evaporate the quickest.
heart note
The “heart” of the fragrance. It can take 10 to 20 minutes for the middle notes to fully develop. When you are burning a candle, the middle notes are the most prominent.
base note Also called the “dry down”- the base notes are what give a candle lasting qualities. It is the scent that lingers even after the candle is extinguished.

You can download a PDF of the full list of candles here.

Click on the table and scroll to the right to see additional columns

scent name family aromatic citrus water green fruity fruity floral soft floral floral exotic soft exotic exotic woody exotic woody woody mossy wood dry wood aromatic gourmand top heart base
a walk in the grove floral
petitgrain, bergamot jasmine, neroli, orange blossom sandalwood
absinthe black currant
saffron, apple, pear black currant, blackberry, vanilla anise, patchouli, amber, bourbon
cactus bloom floral
gardenia, lemon peel agave, aloe tuberose, jasmine, green floral, chrysanthemum patchouli
high tide floral B
lilac linen, ocean ocean
honey, it's magic floral
honey wildflower, raw honey orange blossoms, ylang ylang
pear necessities
pear pear musk
wildflower floral
green leaves, lily of the valley, pear rose, carnation, ylang-ylang, lilac, jasmine rum, peppercorn, vanilla, carnation
coconuts fruit
coconut, orange, apple, pineapple, lime, rum jasmine, honeydew melon, coconut rum, vanilla, coconut
fig + galbanum
fig leaf, galbanum, black currant coconut, floral, fig, davana cedarwood, amber, orris, tonka bean
fig, orchid brown sugar sandalwood, maple, vanilla
summer melon
honeydew, melon watermelon sugar
san anselmo
tomato leaf, eucalyptus, spearmint anise, mint powder, wood
muir mornings
apple, pear patchouli, magnolia wood, moss, musk
tomayto tomahto
tomato leaf, lemon peel lemongrass, basil, thyme green leaves, moss, dark musk, amber
apple peppercorn exotic
green leaves, green floral apple, peppercorn, pear sandalwood
california coastline
yarrow buds, blue chamomile, peony sage, marine accord, patchouli guaiawood, amber, spruce, rosewood
havana nights
tobacco leaf, cacao, dried fruits, wood tonka bean, tobacco blossom, vanilla, spices tobacco leaf, vanilla
valley of the moon
ozone, jasmine tonka bean, patchouli, sandalwood, leather, green leaves, geranium, fig powder, light musk, dark musk, amber, moss, wood, saffron
cabin under the stars wood & smoke
insense, spearmint smoke frankincense, myrrh, musk, leather, oud
el toro 
wood & smoke
lemon peel, cypress, saffron cedar, evergreen, incense fir, moss, amber, leather
muir woods
wood & smoke
juniper, violet, fresh air, orange blossom gin, red currant, pine, wood balsam, cypress, cedar, oak, moss, musk
s'more please
wood & smoke
vanilla, amber, cedar sugar, sandalwood, smoke, pine, brown sugar, charred wood cedar, clove, resin, vanilla, roasted marshmallows
bergamot + sandalwood
wood & smoke
bergamot, violet flowers floral, sandalwood patchouli, pine
mountain man
wood & smoke
bergamot, lemon peel hemp, cedar vetiver, dark musk, amber
tobacco bay
wood & smoke
leaf, fir cedar wood, bergamot tobacco
happy birthday gourmand
sugar, buttercream cream, honey vanilla
cinnamon buns
cinnamon, buttercream dough, bakery vanilla, sugar
creepy candy
butter, vanilla pumpkin caramel, maple glazed peacans, bakery
everything nice
lemon, orange ginger, sugar vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice
maple bourbon apple pie
maple, lemon, apple bourbon, vanilla, cinnamon musk, cedar, vanilla, bakery dough
doe, a deer

frankincense myrrh myrrh
frankincense & myrrh
frankincense, woods florals, myrrh amour oud, honey, vanilla
meet me under the mistletoe
eucalyptus, camphor pine, fir, spiced clove cedarwood, patchouli
oh tannenbaum
eucalyptus, mint spruce, moss, evergreen cedar, amber, cypress