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January 2024:

Happy New Year!  We hope it’s off to a great start.

Welcome to our very first newsletter!  First of all, thank you for shopping with us in 2023.  We loved sharing our jams and jellies with so many wonderful people.  

We'll be adding our newsletter to our blog within the first week of every month. 

It'll have news from the grove, info about new products, a list of upcoming events and some suggestions for how to use our jams and jellies.  

If this email's not your jam, you can unsubscribe below, and if you enjoy the newsletter and know someone else who might be interested, please forward it!

Life in the Grove: 

All of the fruit trees are dormant, so I’m fertilizing and pruning in anticipation of the trees waking up between February and March.  The stone fruit trees (apricots, peaches, plums) are very susceptible to disease if there’s a lot of rain as they bloom, so I’ve been spraying them with copper (a non-toxic fungicide) in hopes that we’ll keep the damage at bay.  

My meyer lemon and lime trees are full of plump, vibrant fruit right now.  I use them in my home cooking but freeze most of the zest and juice for jams and jellies that call for it. 

What’s New in the Kitchen?

Jam/Jelly of the Month! 

Every month,  I’ll make a small batch of a unique flavor that will be available on our website (or at fairs I’m attending that month) until they sell out.

January’s Flavor:   

Rhubarb & Orange Jam

Ingredients: Rhubarb, Orange Juice, Dried Orange Zest, Lemon Juice, Sugar

This jam is not going to win a beauty contest. Our rhubarb is the green variety, no pale pinks here. But....if you love rhubarb, you're going to want a jar of this sweet/tart jam in your pantry.

How to use: 

Raincoast Crisps+Whipped Goat Cheese+Rhubarb & Orange Jam Appetizer

Crispy Apricot Pork Chops-  This recipe is also on Martha Stewart’s website.  I made a Reel on Instagram, as well.

Pipe into your favorite cornbread muffins (This recipe from NY Times is great!)

Restocking Soon: 

-Strawberry Lavender Jam

-Spiced Orange Jelly: this jelly makes a beautiful sweetener for green or black teas.  

-Pear Jam with Ginger & Lime

Upcoming Events:  

All the gift sets on our website will be 20% off from January 12th-January 31st. 

I don’t have any fairs lined up at the moment, but head to the link on our website or @goldengrovegoods on Instagram or Facebook for updates.


Are you having a dry January?  I'm enjoying this mocktail right now!

Sparkling Strawberry & Guava Lemonade 

Makes one serving:

3 tablespoons Strawberry & Guava Jam

2 oz guava juice 

2 oz fresh lemon juice

Club soda or La Croix’s Guava sparkling water


Add the jam to the bottom of a glass

Pour in the guava juice and stir to break up the jam a bit. If you don’t like the chunks of strawberries, you can strain and add back into the glass. 

Add the lemon juice, stir and then add ice.

Top up with club soda.  

Sip and adjust to your taste